JANZ CO Virtual Services Solutions

What Clients Had Said About Us…

Job Done–VA/Data Mining & Research
“Jeany was terrific. We will certainly use her again for future tasks. Very expedient and thoughtful.”
-Dr. Johnson, Rational PC


Job Done–Real Estate VA
“Excellent! Thank you so much for all your handwork.”
-Aby Rae  G. – Fort Worth/Dallas Luxury Home Specialist


“Mary, Thank you!  I certainly hope we get back to a point where we can use your services.  It has been most helpful.”
– Kyle Chittock, General Manager, Simply Country Inc. Sacramento, California


“Diane has been a great help to me in my business over the past 15 months.
She picked up on new skills quickly, and was great at following directions. She is hard-working and eager to learn. I would be happy to request her again once I have something come up that fits her criteria. I would highly recommend her work to others.” 

 – Parker Stiles – Owner/Barrington Acquisitions, LLC