JANZ CO Virtual Services Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

To avail of the JANZ CO Virtual Services Solutions service, first, you have to email us at client@janzcovirtualservicessolutions.com  indicating the position that you are currently looking for, the tasks that you wanted the virtual assistant to do, your qualifications and your most available time to talk over Skype or by phone with our VA Supervisor or Site Manager.

For the Virtual Assistant Staffing Solution services, you only have to pay $9.25 per hour per VA. That you can  request to work for you 40 hours a week and the said service charge is inclusive already with the Company fee. But for starter we will require you to pay an upfront fee of $1,480 only before a VA starts working for you and what is great it is consumable for the first applicable month.

The SEO Campaigns requires only $250 pre-payment per agent before a SEO agent starts working on a project. That is again consumable for the 1st two applicable weeks.

However, above mentioned upfront fees can be negotiable depending on Client needs.

We also entertain contractual projects for purely Data Entry jobs. But at least a minimum of 1 month contract. However, appreciated if you can give an estimate of how long the project could mostly likely run. Once project is completed and you are done paying the upfront for that month, you can cancel the services without paying anymore additional charges.

After paying either of the above stated upfront fees, which is to be collected immediately after you approve our screened VA to do your tasks. The VA will undergo a walk through on how to be a virtual assistant for your type of business. Where in the walk-through usually takes only 1-2 days to ensure the VA gets familiar with your specific tasks. After that our trained Virtual Assistant should start working for you already.

We prefer to be paid through PayPal.com or Stripe.

Yes, we can replace your virtual assistant but only within 30 days after you start working with the VA. But we ensure we get you the right VA you need to avoid instances of replacing.

Virtual Assistants are required to submit a daily report. All tasks done for the day and updates are included in the report.