Four career mistakes that you should never make

When you are a fresh graduate and looking to make a mark with your professional job and career success, you come across a lot of different situations and instances that can have both direct and indirect impact on your work as well as progress.  In order to understand the growth, progress and instances within an individual’s career it is important to first know the difference between a job and a career.  A job might not be a career, while a series of job could be one.  Sometimes just one job can turn out to be a career. Basically, the premise of a career is a long journey in the professional world, where you progress from one stage to another as you gain experience. A successful career is what is defined to be a very successful job where an individual has grown immensely in both skills set as well as the role.

Students, after their graduation, go through different phases of their career development, they come across many decision making situations, that either impact their career positively or negatively.  We will talk about four common mistakes that not only hamper the growth of your career, as well as your entire focus on development and progression.  These mistakes, as a student and a professional should and must always be avoided.

Switch your jobs

switch their jobsThe first and foremost mistakes that many fresh graduates do is to constantly switch their jobs.  In search of more money or out of boredom, fresh graduates have the tendency to switch lots of different jobs.  This is a very alarming practice, as this not only impacts your credibility as an employee, but gives the idea to your employer that you are not loyal and non serious towards the job and also get bored from work very easily. If you continue to switch jobs, you will come across a point where finding work will become an impossible task for you.

Go after monetary benefits

monetary benefitsAs we said earlier, the career is a gradual progression of an individual from one role to another as well as growth in experience and skill set. To achieve that, your priority should be to learn as much as you can early on, instead of going for monetary benefits. Early on in your career age, your aim should be to get tremendous exposure and experience, once you have that, the money will follow automatically.  On the lookout for money, never compromise on your learning.


Work for organizations that have no vision

There are smaller organizations who pay their employees a lot, to make them stick to their work.  However, these organizations do not have a vision to grow and make one work like mechanical robots.  If you want a successful career, always work for an organization that aspires to grow, because when the organization will grow, the employees will automatically get career progression and growth.

Being over confident and non-accommodative

Career progression is not just about learning and being successful. It is also about admitting your weaknesses, learn from your critics and accommodate everyone. Until you have these qualities developed, you will never have a successful career.


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Sam Wilson is a highly successful general manager at an agency in the United States. He progressed through a successful career path and likes to offer advises related to career progression at

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